Dyck Advisory Group Conservation Trust (DAGCT) currently runs counter poaching operations in Southern Africa which have been planned and implemented by Chairman, Colonel Lionel Dyck. These operations are multi-faceted in nature and involve the use of human, canine and aerial assets in the form of helicopters and fixed wing airframes.

The tactics and solutions utilised by Colonel Dyck and the DAGCT team have been recognised as the Gold Standard in counter poaching operations within the region. DAGCT is in the forefront of Africa’s conservation efforts with operations currently running in Mozambique and Zimbabwe and offers the following services.













DAGCT has identified a huge gap in current conservation rangers and law enforcers training and required skills to combat modern poaching threats. As the correct training and development of rangers is vital to a successful operation, DAGCT has developed a fantastic set of training courses to combat current and in situation poaching threats. Advanced courses are adapted to operational requirements and carried out to not only teach new but also develop existing skill sets.

  • Armed and Unarmed, Basic and Advanced Field Ranger Course
  • Team Leader Course
  • Area Specific Tactics and Control
  • Community Monitors

Examples of recent courses conducted include:

  • Maputo Special Reserve, Team leader Course
  • Basic Field Ranger Course for new rangers now employed in Mozambique
  • Re-training and development of new rangers for Ferreira Park
  • Community Monitor Course. Training community members

Counter Poaching Advisory Services and Consultancy

Assisting Reserves with professional Counter-Poaching Consultancy. With an extremely successful operation conducted in the Greater Lebombo Conservancy, DAGCT has proven a successful model and strategy that can be adapted to other areas. Our team of specialists travel to areas with a struggling model and spend time on the ground, assess and then advise a better solution moving forward for Reserve and counter-poaching management. This includes assistance on bridging the gap between the ground and the HQ.

Operational Control and Counter Poaching Implementation

With adequate funding, DAGCT offer complete Counter-Poaching solutions which is the most effective outcome. They do this by entering a valuable conservation area that is under huge poaching threat, seizing control and implementing a working strategy with immediate results.