Dyck Advisory Group Conservation Trust (DAGCT) carries out a number of initiatives in conservation and wildlife protection through its Counter-Poaching involvement and operations on the ground.

Here are some of the initiatives they have engaged and operate.

DAG & Peace Parks Foundations, Mozambique

Peace Parks Foundations (PPF) approached Dyck Advisory Group (DAG) to assist in Counter Poaching Operations throughout their reserves in Mozambique, namely; Limpopo National Park (1 000 000 ha), Zinave National Park (400 000 ha), Banhine National Park (800 000 ha) and Maputo Special Reserve (122 000 ha).

A Concept of early detection and rapid reaction was established by DAG in the Greater Lebombo region. To ensure proper command and control, DAG produced a highly effective operations centre with a clear radio link connection and live personnel tracking. Experienced managers and highly qualified ranger instructors were placed in theatre of operations to not only run the operation but train/retrain scouts and rangers.

PPF has therefore approached DAG to establish a similar operation in their national parks. Focusing on Limpopo National Park while training scouts and setting up operation centres in all other reserves. This is currently underway.


GLC Initiative

From July 2015 – 31 August 2018 – Kruger National Park, Western Boundary Operation. Based in the Greater Lebombo Conservancies.

The GLC is a set of privately-owned Mozambique parks bordering Kruger National Parks Western boundary. Directly opposite the Southern Section of the GLC, lies Kruger’s Intensive Protection Zone where the world’s largest population of rhino reside.

Traditionally, Mozambican poachers streamed through these reserves into Kruger National Park creating an unmanageable problem and a detrimental Rhino death rate for the area.

In 2015, DAGCT started operating in the Southern area of the GLC, based out of Sabi Game Park and targeting the greatest threatened area in order to create a buffer zone between KNP and the poaching syndicates who operated on Kruger’s doorstep.


Conservation Tours

Dyck Advisory Group Conservation Trust is working with Where Wild Things Roam Travel to offer a 10 day South African safari that directly gives back to conservation and local communities. An elite member of the Dyck Advisory Group’s Counter Poaching Team is on the ground for the duration of the tour, guiding guests through some hands-on conservation activities that cannot be experienced anywhere else.

Contributions from the tour enables further conservation efforts throughout the region with Dyck Advisory Group Conservation Trust and the local communities.

Tailor made packages are available by contacting