About Us

Dyck Advisory Group Conservation Trust (DAGCT) was created by Dyck Advisory Group (DAG), a specialist service provider that offers clients bespoke solutions to enable their operations in hazardous and challenging environments.

DAG have overseen over 250 successful projects in over 20 post conflict countries. Col. Dyck, founder of Dyck Advisory Group, formed DAGCT as a separate, but closely managed, non-profit outfit to combat the devastating effects illegal poaching is having on our wildlife.

DAGCT carries out conservation and wildlife protection through its Counter-Poaching involvement and operations on the ground. DAGCT prides itself in operating on the front line and in many cases, behind enemy lines, to neutralise poaching activity and ensure the safety of today’s endangered and targeted wildlife.

DAGCT is solely donor funded. As DAGCT is a non-profit, along with the director and head Col. Lionel Dyck operating pro bono, 100 percent of proceeds are sent directly to the ground. By optimising all available financial resources, DAGCT has ensured sufficient man and asset resources to dominant the ground in operational areas.

Combined with an extremely well-designed strategic working strategy, DAGCT has been able to successfully take back and furthermore maintain control of all operational areas where poachers once dominated.



Colonel Lionel Dyck

After decades of commanding and controlling military, security, explosive disposal, humanitarian and conservation operations and organisations around the world, Col. Dyck created the non-profit organisation Dyck Advisory Group Conservation Trust, to help combat the rapid decline of wildlife throughout Southern Africa by illegal poaching. Col. Dyck identified the massive, crucial and immediate need for successful counter poaching operations in highly dense and threatened wildlife areas. With his vast knowledge, experience, strategic mind-set and leadership, he decided to make a difference, working pro bono through a self-managed NPO to maximize control and effectiveness.

Neill Hobbs CA (SA)

Neill Hobbs is the founding member of Hobbs Sinclair, a medium sized financial services firm and has been in public practice for over 20 years. Apart from his broad experience in financial strategy, he has managed a number of privately and publicly held corporations and holds directorships in several companies. A business analyst by nature, he has become a senior Business Rescue Practitioner. Neill’s financial firm has taken on to assist all of DAGCT operations pro bono to ensure all financial resources are accounted for and managed correctly, providing an extremely professional and transparent financial working structure.