“Operating on the front line and behind enemy lines to neutralise poaching activity and ensure the safety of targeted and endangered wildlife”
With deployment and increased success in at risk areas, the Dyck Advisory Group Conservation Trust (DAG) carries out conservation and wildlife protection through counter poaching operations in Southern Africa.

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From the Front Line

Keep up to date with what the Dyck Advisory Group Conservation Trust is up to out in the field.

DAG-rescued baby elephant hanging in there

The orphaned baby elephant that was discovered by DAG personnel about three weeks ago in the...

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Rhino poachers nabbed after 60km chase into Mozambique

It started late at night‚ when rangers heard the crackle of gunfire shatter the peace of the...

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Tracking makes it possible to be hot on the heels of poachers

Armed border guards or environmental police go on patrol with South African anti-poaching...

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Thanks to the sponsors who work with Dyck Advisory Group Conservation Trust to get the job done.